Do Posture Correctors Help Strengthen Back Muscles?

The last year had many people work from the comfort of their homes due to the pandemic. The implication is that more people would likely suffer from bad posture due to poor sitting positions and habits characterized by working from home.

In addition, many people do not have proper home work-stations, forcing them to spend long hours on their devices in bad sitting positions, ultimately causing bad posture. As a result, several individuals are turning to posture correctors to aid them in achieving better posture. 


What are posture correctors? 

Posture corrector Australia are restrictive clothing, braces, and gadgets that help to enhance your awareness of your posture. The best posture correctors have evolved from just ordinary clothing to sophisticated devices with gyroscopes and magnets. 


Why good posture matters 

Good posture is also known as a neutral spine. A body is said to have a good posture when the spine muscles are balanced and support the body equally. However, before taking a quick look at some of the benefits of good posture, you must understand what truly makes a good posture. 


What makes good posture 

When standing, your legs should have a subtle tight knee bend which should not overextend your knee joints. Similarly, your feet should rest flat on the floor when sitting, with your weight equally distributed on both hips. Likewise, your back should be straight, and your shoulders relaxed with your ears lined up over the collar bones. 


Benefits of good posture 

  • Reduced back pain
  • Increased energy levels 
  • Enhanced digestion and circulation 
  • Improved scapular and core strength
  • Enhanced self-confidence 


How do posture correctors work 

Posture correctors work by passively restricting the scapula into retraction, thereby preventing a protracted scapular position. The idea behind a posture corrector Australia is that once you can avoid rounding shoulder, the challenge of poor posture is solved.

There are different types of posture correctors. They range from the less sophisticated ones that provide a physical restriction to slouching in the form of a T-shirt, brace, or bra that restricts your body motion in your neck, shoulders, and back when you start to slouch.

Modern posture correctors come with the latest technology, such as vibrations that remind you to sit up straight and smartphones to monitor your progress. 


Shortcomings of posture correctors

Back muscle weakness: Many people continue to ask if posture correctors help to weaken back muscles. Some posture correctors work by providing feedback when part of your spine deviates from your neutral spine position of three natural curves. Posture correctors do not target the whole back at the same time. For instance, you may end up slumping on your lower back if your posture corrector vibrates whenever your upper back slumps.

Relying so much on posture correctors to hold you up over long periods would cause the weakening of core muscles at your back to relax and weaken over time. Studies have shown that scientific evidence backing the effectiveness of posture correctors is very limited in research and may be biased. Much of the research supporting the validity of posture correctors are either funded by the manufacturers or inadequately designed in controlled settings. 


Best way to use posture correctors  

Posture correctors help to increase your awareness of your posture and whether you need to correct them. However, they do not provide long-term or permanent solutions to bad posture. In addition, extended use of posture correctors results in weakening back muscles that would have helped in better posture.

Therefore, you should wear posture correctors for at least one or two hours per day. Health experts say the best way to enhance your posture is through posture strengthening exercises such as planks, reverse planks, yoga, and practicing standing and sitting correctly in daily life. 



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Short term, as soon as you wear a posture brace you will have noticeably better posture, helping to give you relief from pain and aches. Psychologically a posture corrector also gives you an automatic confidence boost, feeling more empowered and ready for life. Long-term posture brace helps to realign the spine, this naturally fixes issues associated with neck, back and shoulder pain. Blood flow is also stimulated, helping to strengthen the back muscles surrounding the spine. Posture correctors should be worn for 30 minutes a day, gradually building up to 3 hours after a few months.

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