Do Posture Correctors Cause Skin Irritation?

Have you ever wondered if posture correctors cause skin irritation? You are not alone. It is definitely a valid question, considering that some of those who use these back braces report feeling discomfort and sometimes even pain in their shoulders, neck, and back.

Do Posture Correctors Cause Skin Irritation?

There are three main factors that can contribute to various types of skin irritation when using a posture corrector, such as:

If the device is too tight, it can constrict movement and cause friction against the skin, leading to break outs, rashes, and the like.

If the device is made of materials that are not breathable, such as plastic or metal, it can end up trapping sweat and bacteria against the skin, leading to irritation.

If the device is not properly cleaned regularly, this is also another reason for bacteria to build up because of the sweat, dirt, and other hazards being trapped after every use.

How Can You Prevent Skin Irritation

Fortunately, the above factors listed above are preventable and you can easily minimize the risk of skin irritation when using a posture corrector by practicing the following safety precautions:

First, make sure that the device fits properly. A back brace is built to gently pull the shoulders backwards, helping to straighten out the vertebrae and support the natural curve.

However, it should not in any way cause discomfort or feel "too" tight. Be sure that you get a size or adjust it enough to feel secured, but not restrained.

Second, check the material. Ensure that the material being used is not made of low-quality plastic, metal, or other kinds that are not breathable enough. It is okay for it to have plastic or metal elements, so long as it does not cover the majority of the brace.

Third, always clean your posture corrector after every use. It is normal to sweat a little when wearing a back brace, which is why it is essential to clean it after every use and prevent the build up of bacteria.

How To Properly Clean Your Posture Corrector

Back braces are easy to clean! Most of them are made out of material that is safe to wash regularly. Here is a 3-step guide on how to properly clean your posture corrector.

  1. Mix mild soap with a basin of cold water.
  2. Gently wash it by hand, and make sure not to use any bleach or harsh detergents.
  3. Rinse off the soap then leave it to air dry. Do not iron or put in the dryer.

In a hurry to use your brace? If you can't give it a thorough wash every after use, at least wipe it down with rubbing alcohol once a week.

For back braces with tourmaline magnets embedded, we do not recommend getting the garment wet. Instead, you may also just wipe it down with alcohol to keep it clean and free of odor.

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