Do Chiropractors Recommend Posture Correctors?

Proper posture is often overlooked until it starts being bothersome and needs fixing. Many often go to physical therapists or chiropractors to do the job but not everyone has enough resources for regular sessions. One of the most affordable ways to aid in correcting your posture is by investing in a posture corrector. But do chiropractors and other medical professionals recommend it?

When would chiropractors recommend a posture corrector?

More often than not, chiropractors would suggest trying a back brace if you are only experiencing mild symptoms of misalignment or only little to moderate pain. Instances that fall under this situation are, but not limited to:

  • When your job or class involves long hours of sitting. This can easily lead you to regularly slouch forward.
  • When you job or class involves long stretches of working in front of a laptop, cellphone, or other devices. This increases risk of developing a hunched back and bending your neck too low.
  • When you have strained your shoulders or back from heavy lifting or from sleeping in the wrong position all night.
  • When you experience mild to moderate levels of pain along your neck, shoulders, or back.
  • When you experience headaches too often.
  • When you have noticeably rounded shoulders or a hunched back.
  • When you often experience soreness or pain in your muscles.

It is still advisable to visit your chiropractor regularly even when utilizing a back brace. Though visits may lessen in frequency on a case-to-case basis, an in person check up from a medical professional is always a healthy thing to keep in your schedule.

When would chiropractors not recommend a posture corrector?

In instances wherein you are experiencing more severe issues with your posture, your chiropractor would recommend you seek more adverse medical help. We recommend calling in to book a personal assessment and work out a personalized treatment plan that you are most comfortable with.

Serious body modifying conditions such as scoliosis, osteoporosis, or similar kinds have treatments that may require you to wear a back brace. These kinds of braces, however, are more medically inclined to target specific needs of the patient and are not similar to the regular, over the counter correctors you can easily find.

Why you should limit your time with a corrector on

For more severe conditions, it is best to follow your chiropractor’s or medical doctor’s advice as to how long and how often you should keep a brace on. For milder cases, however, we highly suggest limiting your time to a maximum of 3 hours a day.

The reason is to help prevent muscle atrophy or the weakening of your muscles. A posture corrector was designed to merely help your muscles and spine adapt to the ideal orientation, not completely fix and do all the work for you. By relying solely on the device, your muscles will soon be conditioned to relax and weaken over time.

Top 4 posture correctors we recommend

AlignBack Straightener – Ideal for those who prefer smaller, portable braces. It is very lightweight and easy to carry around.

AlignPosture Brace – Ideal for those who need an extra adjustable strap that stretches to adapt to the wearer’s fit. It is also very portable, lightweight, and yet durable. Has a little more coverage compared to the AlignBack Straightener.

AlignBack Brace – Ideal for those who prefer a full coverage with a comfortable support down the spine.

AlignShoulder Brace – Ideal for those who prefer full coverage with support all the day down to the lower back, and with tourmaline magnets embedded to help stimulate blood flow and ease discomfort.


Are you are someone who suffers from chronic neck, shoulder and lower back? A posture corrector is the perfect self-care tool to help you combat these issues and provide a significant boost in your overall well being. Posture braces are specifically designed to help naturally help realign the spine, promoting positive blood flow throughout the back and the rest of the body! This blood flows stimulation promotes quicker muscle repair, helping to decrease joint pain.

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