Do back stretchers actually work?

Are you experiencing aching back pain constantly? Well, you join the thousands of Australians around the country who suffer from back pain and can't afford the hefty prices to see a physical therapist to help resolve their issue. Luckily there are alternative, cheaper options to help you address your back pain without diving deep in your wallet.

You would have heard about the new back stretcher product that helps decrease back pain! but do you know how it works? Back pain is 9 times out of 10 is caused by damage or injury sustained within the back, a back stretcher is a 3 level device that helps your spine stretch out and relieve pain.

A recent convention showed the new back stretcher to a room of 663 physiotherapists to get their first impressions! Amazingly only 13% had a negative first impression on the back stretcher. 


How A Back Stretcher Helps You Relax

The survey results are in and it turns out Back Stretchers truly are as effective as they are designed to be. This portable and lightweight product can play an important role in fighting stress and getting your daily dose of relaxation. Multiple yoga therapists and enthusiasts have inspired further research in the form of a survey and we are happy to share those results with you. After all, what better way to know a product than through its users?

The survey takes part in three different scenarios wherein a back stretcher may be of use, namely:

Lying on Back Stretcher for 15 Minutes After Aerobics Session

  • 59% reported to very much enjoy cooling down on the Back Stretcher
  • 77% reported to find the Back Stretcher very relaxing

Lying on Back Stretcher for 15 Minutes After Yoga Session

  • 85% reported to prefer the Back Stretcher compared to cooling down on their mats
  • 75% reported to consider the Back Stretcher an essential addition to the Yoga session
  • 100% of participants with back complaints reported improvement after using the Back Stretcher

Lying on Back Stretcher for 10 Minutes Prior to Zen Meditation

  • 100% reported that lying on the Back Stretcher helped them prepare for meditation better
  • 100% reported that the meditation position was easier to assume and to maintain.

 do back stretchers work

 How A Back Stretcher Can Help You With Kyphosis

Yet another set of survey results are in, this time they are from 28 individuals who are suffering from low back pains and intensified thoracic kyphosis. Thoracic kyphosis is also known as “roundback” or the reversed c-shape curve of the chest.

Over the course of four weeks, the Back Stretcher was added to their routinary fitness program. This study, carried out with the help of physiotherapist P. Verweii, aimed to look into both the initial degree of back pain, initial restrictions to movement, and any improvements or relief experienced afterwards.

Participants with back pain after a four week program

  • 0% reported that their pain worsened
  • 11% reported no change
  • 82% reported their back pain improved
  • 7% reported their back pain disappeared entirely

Participants with movement restrictions after a four week program

  • 10% reported that their pain worsened
  • 5% reported no change
  • 14% reported their back pain improved
  • 71% reported their back pain and movement restrictions have disappeared entirely


These two surveys show just how much a few minutes on the Back Stretcher on a regular basis can significantly help you relieve any pain you may be experiencing and go about your day easily without any restrictions to your movement.

do back stretchers work

What Components Make Up a Back Stretcher?

Our Back Stretchers are specifically designed with a rainbow shaped arch that can be adjusted three different levels, with a flat plastic base. This rainbow top is designed to follow the exact path of the spine, helping to stretch out your back and provide relief and comfort.


How Do Back Stretchers Work?

When using your back stretcher you are doing a stretch that is known as passive. Although traditional, old back stretchers were made of wood and had lumbar arches for stretching, our back stretchers are made of high-grade plastic and have adjustable settings to help with any level of back pain!

Our back stretchers are specifically designed to help you obtain back pain relief and overall comfort. When you start using your back stretcher you will notice the back muscles relaxing, afterwards, it helps realign the spine into its proper place.

Its natural for our spine to pull down as we age, its a common problem that we can't escape. Luckily the back stretcher does the opposite, providing pain relief to lower back arthritis, spinal degeneration and disc bulging.

Once your spine has been stretched into its proper position it will decrease the compression within your sciatic nerve! This process is what helps with back pain and other associated issues.


Reduce Back Pain The Natural Way

So by now, you should understand ho important passive stretching is for helping to ease back pain. Physical therapist and doctors both strongly recommend using our back stretchers to help with pain caused by a slipped disc, degenerating disc, bulging disc or sciatica. Medical professionals recommend using the back stretcher twice a day for 10 minutes at a time to see maximum results.


How Do You Use a Back Stretcher?

Our back stretchers are extremely simple to put together and even easier to use. The main thing is when you get your back stretcher is that you use it on a consistent base, just lie down on the best back stretcher in Australia and let your back muscles relax.

Repeat this process every day, twice a day, for ten minutes! We recommend in the morning and then again at night time before bed. Just lay down on top of the back stretcher for 10 minutes and you will start to see the benefits straight away.

So what is happening exactly while you lie on a back stretcher? its simple, your backs lower and upper muscles are being realigned and relaxed as your spine is being stretched out!

When this process is activated your spine is being decompressed, easing pressure and tension on your spine. There are a number of extra added benefits for stretching your spine, this includes an increase in oxygen absorption the body takes in as well as an increase in blood flow. Using your back stretcher can also add a few more inches to your overall height, so throw out the high heels and get yourself a back stretcher today.

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