Celebrities Who Love & Use Acupressure Mats

Acupressure mats have really taken the world by storm in 2020, with many discovering there amazing physical and psychological effects as well as there convince of getting acupressure session in the comfort of their homes. Celebrities, belive it or n0t, are people too! This is why it's not uncommon to see celebs on Instagram using an acupressure mat to unwind, relax & recharge. From J Lo to Miranda Kerr, these superstars are in love with the AlignMat acupressure mat!

Celebrities Who Love & Use Acupressure Mats

Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson has been intertwined in Australian culture and media for years, many can't believe this beuty is 56 years old! Yep, I know ladies, how is it even possible to be that old and yet look that young? Well, the secret might actually be a spiky one. Elle Macpherson first spoke of the use of her acupressure mat in an interview way back in 2017, she explained how the increase blood flow from the pressure stimulation helps fight off wrinkles! Ladies & gentlemen, could this be the secret to Elle Macphersons forever young look? There is only one way to find out.

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan is a 29-year-old actress who is best known for her role in the TV show Coronation Street, in May 2020 last year Helen posted a picture of her red spiked back from an acupressure mat session. In the post caption, Helen went on to explain that she has suffered from back pain for years and would go to the chiropractor for sessions weekly! When lockdown came into effect Helen explored home-based self-care tools for her back pain, she went on to discover the AlignMat and the amazing effects it had on her physical and mental health! Helen has this to say: "I usually always have physio every week as otherwise, it can get too painful obviously with a lockdown at the moment that is not an option. I genuinely have been using my acupressure mat over the lockdown period to tackle my back pain and it helps a lot"

Brittany Spears

Spike me, baby, one more time! Okay, that was a bad joke but the once queen of pop and America's sweetheart Brittany Spears is a huge fan of acupressure mats. She posted on her Instagram story last year showing her mid-action shot lying on the mat and pillow set with a huge smile on her face, we can only assume those meridians are being activated and all the happy hormones are flowing through! Britanny spears have probably gone through a lot, despite what you think of her, she has put a real emphasised on mental health. This is why its no surprise to see her adopt an acupressure mat to help her in what I could imagine a very hectic and stressful world.

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