Can You Meditate on an Acupressure Mat?

Meditation is becoming a more and more recommended practice in our lives especially as we age and reduce our physical efforts, in order to keep a healthy lifestyle and get rid of all the emotional and physical stress that surrounds us. This is where people start looking for new meditation practices to enhance their experience and our solution to this question is: The pressure point mat!

can you meditate on an acupressure mat?

Acupressure is an old style of physiotherapy that goes back to the ancient Chinese culture and it is recommended nowadays by expert physiotherapists and researchers as one of the most convenient disciplines of meditation.

Whether you want to start your day with positive energy, or you want to take all the stress off your chest at the end of a long day, adding some plastic spikes to your mat will make the experience more intimate and worthwhile. And that is what brings us to our next question: What is this mat made from?

Acupressure mats are basically meditation mats (yoga mats) with the addition of spikes on the top. These spikes are made of bio plastic and are completely comfortable. Their flexibility enhances the feel in any position, whether you are lying on your back or standing on your feet, you will feel the tickling and it will help relieve the physical fatigue off your body.

A very interesting fact about these mats is the unprecedented feeling you will get when you first start using them and the pleasure you will experience after your first sessions. You will build up more confidence in your body which will make you feel more comfortable and happier.

The healing power of acupressure mats are beyond expectations, they can help with your headaches and migraine. Actually, 20 minutes on the acupressure mat equals a one-hour massage session. Crazy right? Well, meditation gurus from Asia have been using acupressure techniques for thousands of years and that is enough to prove their efficiency. Let us shed the light on the benefits of daily acupressure mat use:

  • Relieve back and neck pain: physiotherapists around the world tend to recommend the acupressure mat usually for reducing or eliminating back and neck pain. In certain positions, the puncture applied by spikes will absorb the stress in your back and neck and give you a healthier end to your day.
  • Reduce tension and muscle aches: same as for back and neck pains, these mats are designed to apply a small pressure on the muscles where you can feel an immediate relief from continuous contractions especially in the lumbar area and legs.
  • Improve blood circulation: as the relaxation of muscles and joints impact the pressure applied on veins, it will allow a better blood circulation inside your body.

You don’t have to circle around much; Acupressure mats will absolutely take your meditation game to a higher level and bring more joy to your day. After all, it never hurts to try! Just try that first session on the acupressure mat and decide for yourself.