Can kids use acupressure mats?

Acupressure mats are a safe and convenient way to acquire acupressure therapy on the spot. They are portable, easy to use, and noninvasive. While it is a harmless tool, there are still some precautionary guidelines to follow when using one – especially when it comes to children.

Can kids use acupressure mats?

Adults all over the world are known to enjoy its effects and benefits, but there is not a lot of discussion with regards to younger users. If you are a parent, guardian, or just know a child who may need the benefits that acupressure therapy brings, we understand the curiosity and appreciate you doing research! To help ease your concerns, we explore the top 4 asked questions when it comes to an acupressure mat’s safety for kids.

Question 1: Can kids use acupressure mats?

The concept of acupressure therapy is to apply strong yet gentle pressure on the different meridian points of the body. Traditionally, this is done by hand, but with an acupressure mat, we utilize high quality plastic spikes to target the meridian points.

The spikes will not penetrate the skin, it merely adds pressure and in some instances, leaves a temporary impression if used for long sessions. Because of this, babies, toddlers, and young children under the age of six are not advised to use an acupressure mat or pillow since their skin is still developing and will be thinner than that of adults.

Question 2: At what age can my kid start to use it?

If your child is between the ages of 6 to 10, you may slowly expose them to the acupressure mat for short and quick sessions - with your supervision. We advise that they were clothing and that you place a towel, blanket, or other type of cloth over the mat. This is to reduce the risk of the plastic spikes damaging your kid’s skin.We also suggest sticking to sessions that are between 2 to 5 minutes. Depending on how your kid reacts to the therapy, you may prolong to 10 minutes.

Question 3: For how long can my teenager use an acupressure mat?

Adolescents may use the acupressure mat and pillow regularly like adults do. By this age, the skin would have developed a thicker protection against external factors.

We recommend starting off with sessions that last only 5 minutes (or 2 if your teenager has a difficult time adjusting to the sensation). Once they are accustomed to it, you may extend to 10 minutes, then 15, until you reach 30 minutes. We recommend a maximum of half an hour per session so as to prevent the spikes making an impression on the skin.

Question 4: What kind of benefits can my kid enjoy from an acupressure mat?

Kids, just like adults, can receive various benefits! Including, but not limited to:

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