Can Kids Use Acupressure Mat's?

Can kids use Acupressure mats & pillows? this is one of the most common questions we get asked! Often adults and parents will purchase an acupressure mat to help relive their own aches and pains but it won't be long until the find their kids are also drawn to the mat. Don't believe us? check out this photo one of our happy customers sent in.

kids acupressure mat

That is 8-year-old Janica, he is in love with his mums AlignMat and often she has to fight just to get her time on the acupressure mat. While we love to see kids utilising the power of acupressure we felt it was appropriate to answer the question, can kids use acupressure mats?

So the short answer to this question is yes, however we do not recommend children under the age of 7 using the AlignMat. The reason for this is the pressure points across the mat and pillow are often to sharp and intense on the skin of children under this age, most can't handle 5 minutes and may experience pain. For children over 7, especially in the age range of 9 - 14, both boys and girls experience amazing results on the acupressure mat. The positive effects are seen not so much in joint and muscle pain reduction, (that's just for us oldies) but more in the mental side. Kinds and young adults will feel more relaxed, calm and find going to sleep much easier.

It's not just older people with muscle and joint pain that use acupressure mats! Children often a drawn to acupressure mats due to there de-stressing capabilities, this is the case with Jacob above, his mother Lorian had this to say "Janica was always using my AlignMat so much that I had to purchase a second set! She loves it, basically, anytime she is watching TV he is laying on it, really helps him relax and settle. This has been especially handy for when it comes to bed, used to be a nightmare but now she sleeps very easy."

Better sleep is a common positive side effect of using an acupressure mat, and this is commonly seen with kids. As the pressure points stimulate the meridians it helps create optimum blood flow throughout the body, thus giving your child a better nights sleep. One of the best pressure points to target that is associated with sleep in found at the top of your neck! If you take your acupressure pillow and place it so your head just peeps over, you will stimulate this pressure point and help you have a better nights sleep.

So as we have gone over the AlignMat is not just used for older individuals with joint and muscle pains! Acupressure mats for children over 7 years old can be a great tool to help them relax, unwind & calm down before bed. To help get more children to bed we are offering two special discounts, the first is buy 2 get 15% off your AlignMat set, this is perfect for both parent and child who want to utilise the acupressure mat. The second discount is to use the code "sleep" for 10% of your total order.