Can I Continue My Daily Activities While Wearing A Posture Brace?

A posture brace is a great way to keep your back in check on a daily basis. It is also very helpful when you are performing activities that could otherwise deteriorate your posture when not done mindfully. So if you are concerned about a brace routine getting in the way of your day-to-day schedule, then you have nothing to worry about! It is perfectly safe to utilize a corrector in various scenarios, including the following:

Can I Continue My Daily Activities While Wearing A Posture Brace?

While at work or school

If your job requires you to sit at a desk and type away the afternoon, or if you are taking up a class that has you on a seat for most of the day, then a posture brace is perfect for you.

Poor sitting habits are some of the leading causes of poor posture. Especially when you have to maintain this position for a long period of time, our backs can start to tire out and slump down without us realizing it. Wearing a brace can help you maintain a healthy stance and be mindful all throughout.

While lifting heavy loads

Oftentimes, we sprain our back muscles lifting heavy things. This is usually due to poor positioning and lifting using the wrong set of muscles. By wearing a brace, you can be sure to keep your back at the right angle and be mindful to lift with your legs instead.

While grocery shopping or running other errands

Adding to our list of activities done on autopilot, doing the groceries or running errands are more like muscle memory to us now. For most, it can be relaxing and a great time to let your guard down while focusing on your checklist.

Many people do not realize that they start to slump while walking, or tense their muscles by carrying things around. By wearing a corrector, you can do your errands in a much healthier stance.

While sitting at home

If you are lounging at home, enjoying your much-deserved rest, chances are you get too comfortable on that couch. It would be advisable to put on a corrector for a couple of hours to ensure you do not throw out your back, sprain your neck, or develop poor posture.

While at the gym

Similar to having to carry weighty things, the gym is a place we often lift heavy loads. Strengthening exercises are actually beneficial to your posture because the stronger your back muscles are, the easier it will be for you to naturally keep an upright position.

A back brace is sometimes used at fitness centers to ensure that you lift at the right angle and lessen the risk on injury or strain.

How long should you wear a brace for per day?

While you can utilize a posture corrector during your daily activities, it does not mean you should wear it all day. We recommend sticking between 30 minutes to 3 hours maximum per day to avoid muscle atrophy.

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