Can Acupressure Mat's Help Anxiety?

Acupressure has been used for thousands of years as a way to help decrease stress and anxiety, today we have the AlignMat, an acupressure mat that contains hundreds of pressure-point triggers.

The AlignMat is a great set as it comes with both the mat and pillow, it has dozens of 5-star reviews and is designed and delivered right here in Australia.

To learn how to use an Acupressure Mat for anxiety related issue you should first start with the shoulder muscle, yep that right, this pressure point is associated with relieving muscle tension, headaches and stress, its also being known to induce labour, so maybe don't trigger this pressure point if pregnant!

To find the pressure point simply pinch your shoulders muscle with your fingers, this is where the meridian or pressure point is found.

To activate this pressure point

  1. Locate the meridian on the muscle of your shoulder
  2. give it a pinch with your fingers
  3. lay on the acupressure mat or pillow with the shoulder section pressed firmly against it for five to seven seconds.
  4. After 5 seconds lift up from the mat and or pillow.

Anther great pressure point to stimulate can be found on your foot, it's between the intersection of your big toe & the second toe! This pressure point when stimulated helps to reduce stress, insomnia and anxiety.

To use this second point on your acupressure mat is actually really simple, you just need to stand on the mat for 5 - 10 minutes. The first few times we recommend wearing socks as the spikes may be a bit much, however after a few goes transition to bare feet.

The final pressure point you can target with your AlignMat set is found in the arm, simply measure 3 fingers down from your wrist, this is known as the inner frontier gate point.

  1. To trigger this point follow these steps,
  2. Turn your hand so palms face up
  3. place this hand gently onto the AlignMat
  4. increase the pressure until you feel a warm sensation
  5. leave for 30 seconds
Triggering this pressure point is known to help with anxiety as well as menstrual pains.

when to see a doctor?
Acupressure mats have definitely helped lower anxiety, however, this alone will not be a cure. If you find your symptoms are affecting your work, school or social life then we strongly recommend speaking to a therapist or doctor.

If your feeling or experiencing any of the emotions below then you should reach out to a doctor or therapist.
  1. depressed feelings
  2. suicidal thoughts
  3. insomnia
  4. daily headaches
  5. issue eating or keeping down food
  6. panic attacks
We strongly recommend adopting an all-round healthy lifestyle to help and combat anxiety, this includes regular exercise, proper diet, daily meditation, affirmations and cognitive rewiring of the subconscious mind. All of these combined with regular acupressure session on an AlignMat will help to build and maintain a healthy mind, one that is purely in the present and not worry about the future or dwelling on the past.

If you are looking to lower your anxiety and stress then try out an AlignMat, we offer 10% off first-time buyers when they use the code StressLess10.