Best Posture Correctors For Scoliosis

When it comes to serious conditions such as scoliosis, osteoporosis, and the like, we recommend booking an appointment with your medical doctor to be properly assessed and have a personalized treatment plan laid out.

There are many kinds of medication and therapy for scoliosis, and choosing the best one for you depends on your specific situation, how adverse your spine has curved, and what options are available at the time.

However, for treating much milder symptoms of scoliosis, general pain along your torso, or issues with posture, we have prepared a handy list of our top four most recommended posture correctors:

  1. AlignBack Straightener

This option is most ideal for those who prefer a compact and portable posture corrector. It is incredibly lightweight, easy to bring around, and a breeze to pack in your carry on luggage. It is made of highly elastic straps that encircle your shoulders and pull them backwards to an ideal position.

  1. AlignPosture Brace

This option is most ideal for those who need straps that are more adjustable and can stretch out to fit wearers of different builds. Similar to the AlignBack Straightener, it is also very lightweight and highly durable, but it comes with soft pads around your arms to prevent friction. It is also made of breathable neoprene fabric to keep you feeling breezy and comfortable.

When it comes to effectiveness, the main difference between these two compact posture correctors is that the AlignPosture Brace has a little more coverage, as it is slightly bigger in size. If you want something portable but more of your upper back accounted for, this is a great pick.

  1. AlignBack Brace

This option is most ideal for those who are looking for more coverage from their back brace. Apart from the support it provides your shoulders, it also stretches all the way down to the middle of your back using a special, medical grade plastic that gently applies pressure on your spine to keep it affixed. This orthopedic plastic is designed to make the AlignBack Brace one of the most comfortable options on the market today and can aid in your adjustment to wearing a posture corrector by offering an easy experience.

With the extra padding on your backbone to provide ample support, you can soon enjoy muscle relief, better back flexibility, and a healthier blood circulation. Once your blood is free of any blockage brought about by poor posture, cramped joints, and irregular positions, you will soon be free of regular pain and discomfort.

  1. AlignShoulder Brace

This option is most ideal for those who prefer a brace that provides full coverage. This is one of our most scientifically advanced posture correctors and packs a handful of benefits below:

  • Gently pulls your shoulders back to guide them into an ideal position.
  • Provides full coverage from your upper back down to your lower back with another adjustable strap.
  • The adjustable strap located by the waistline helps take pressure off your lower back and distribute weight across your torso, easing you of any discomfort and risk of misalignment.
  • It is embedded with multiple tourmaline magnets across your spinal region to stimulate a healthy blood flow, which is crucial to reducing pain and aiding your circulatory system to function at its most optimal state.

How long can you wear a posture corrector?

For more severe conditions, follow your medical doctor’s advice as to how long and how often you should keep a brace on. For milder cases, limit it to maximum of 3 hours a day. This helps prevent your muscles from declining over time.


If you are someone who is experiencing chronic neck, shoulder and back pain a posture corrector is the perfect self-care tool for you! Back braces, acupressure mats and many other products have been specifically designed to help reduce pain in a natural way. Posture correctors naturally realign the spine correctly, helping to promote positive blood flow and muscle stimulation. It is this process that enables back, neck and shoulder muscles to repair effectively, stopping chronic pain from occurring! AlignMat stocks six different styles of posture correctors, designed for both males & females, these braces can be worn by all ages and sizes. Stop slouching today and improve your posture with one of our AlignPosture Braces.