Best Posture Correctors For Back Pain

With most of the world having adapted to staying at home, sitting down more often or staring at our phones for most of the workday are now universally considered normal. Because of this sudden decline in physical activity, poor posture and muscle strain are more rampant than ever. With pressure building up at the wrong angle, this can lead to all sorts of aches - one of the most common being back pain. A posture corrector cal help with these issues. 

posture corrector for back pain

To ease the tension on your muscles, help improve your spinal alignment, and get rid of discomfort, below are three of the best posture correctors designed specifically for that.

1) AlignBack Straightener

Granting that it is the latest development in posture correctors, the AlignBack Straightener was designed with comfort and convenience in mind. It is portable, sleek, and works like a charm. The simplicity of its structure allows you to keep it on discreetly under your clothes and carry it around comfortably when travelling.

It was made for both men and women, and sits across your upper back, gradually pulling on your shoulders to create a proper upright position. Many professional models use these to help maintain a straight and graceful stance while strutting down the catwalk.

Once on, it instantly corrects your posture and boosts your confidence to take on the rest of the day. With regular use, it can help realign your spine to its proper order, promote back muscle strength, and minimize instances of any pain.

2) AlignBack Brace

The AlignBack Brace is a little more advanced as it uses orthopedic plastic that sits along your spine to correct your posture. With this memory spinal support, both men and women can benefit from extra reinforcement and relaxation to both the back and neck area. The vertical straps gently pull your shoulders behind while the horizontal strap aids in supporting your lower end, making it one of the most comfortable posture correctors available.

It is bigger that the AlignBack Straightener and though it is discreet under your clothes, it may show through when wearing thin or light colored fabric. Wearing the brace can instantly help prop you up and stay upright for the rest of your day. With consistency, this brace can help align your spine, strengthen your muscles, and get rid of back aches for good.

3) AlignPosture Brace

This is considered to be one of the most commonly used posture correctors as it is made with breathable neoprene fabric that is elastic enough to fit both men and women of various sizes. It features lightweight, durable brackets to comfortably adjust to your fit, and high quality, soft pads to prevent friction under your arms.

The brace slightly pulls your shoulders to an ideal position and stretches across to provide ample upper back support. Even better, it is designed to be portable and can easily be concealed under your attire. Though it instantly promotes better posture, wearing it consistently can positively affect your overall health in the long run.

Bonus: AlignShoulder Brace

Though the AlignShoulder Brace was designed more specifically for the shoulders, it directly helps ease up back pain as well. You can expect to receive full coverage and sufficient support as it has highly elastic and adjustable straps that stretch across your clavicles and the upper, middle, and lower regions of your spinal column. Not only is it built to gently realign your spine, but it also lightly applies pressure to target areas. An added benefit is the set of 11 tourmaline magnets spaced out across your lumbar region, stimulating blood flow and relieving pain faster.


If you're someone who suffers from chronic neck, shoulder and back pain then you need to look into purchasing a posture corrector! These new self-care products help to decrease joint and muscle pain, all while realigning your spine and improving posture. AlignMat is the number one provider of the best posture correctors in Australia, delivered across every major city in the country. With four different designs, AlignMat has a posture corrector Australia that is perfect for you! As soon as you place on a posture corrector you will notice your shoulders pull back, chest puffs out and your chin slightly raises. This process helps to realign the spine and naturally correct posture. Comfortable to wear, a posture corrector can be worn under any piece of clothing. Perfect for when you're working in the office, studying at uni, driving in the car, at the gym or chilling at home watching Netflix.

If you want to free yourself of neck, shoulder and back pain issues then utilising a self-care tool like a posture corrector Australia is a good idea! Wearing a back posture brace for one hour a day can have a significant improvement on the quality of life. Multiple positive psychological benefits are also associated with posture correctors, helping to improve confidence and overall mood.