Best Posture Corrector For Neck Pain?

We live in the digital age where both work and personal relationships propel us into spending more time looking down on our phones or sitting in front of the laptop. Regularly doing this puts a lot of pressure on our joints and at the wrong angle, which eventually leads to bad posture and causing a strain on our muscles.

Best Posture Corrector For Neck Pain?

This, among many other factors, is the reason why neck pain has become too prevalent. To ease muscle tension, improve posture, and eliminate aches on your neck, below are four of the best posture correctors built for that:

1) AlignShoulder Brace

The AlignShoulder Brace is the most advanced posture corrector in Australia and is the most efficient option when dealing with shoulder, neck, and back pain. It features 11 tourmaline magnets that spread along your backbone which scientifically stimulates blood flow all throughout stiff areas and relieve you of any discomfort soon after.

This brace is made of highly elastic and adjustable straps that go over your shoulders, gently applying compression in order to realign it with the rest of your vertebral column. The straps then stretch across your upper, middle, and lower back - providing full coverage and excellent support. With this combination applied through regular use, you can expect the stiffness and aches in your neck to ease up.

2) AlignBack Brace

The AlignBack Brace is another great option in getting rid of pain around your neck. Similar to the AlignShoulder Brace, it also features a layer of reinforcement that sits on top of your spine. The memory spinal support is made of orthopedic plastic and is designed to keep you comfortable while gently applying pressure to retain the alignment of your backbone. It is paired with breathable and lightweight straps that go over your shoulders and wrap around the middle of your torso, providing ample support to your entire upper back.

3) AlignPosture Brace

The AlignPosture Brace is one of the most used posture correctors in the world because of its versatility and convenience. It is fabricated with breathable and very flexible neoprene material that can adapt to both men and women of different sizes. Its straps are fixated with lightweight and durable brackets so you can easily adjust it according to your comfort level. These straps are also equipped with high quality, plush pads that prevent friction and discomfort under your arms.

The material extends across your back and over your shoulders, slightly pulling them backwards in order to hold your torso in an ideal position and promote healthy posture. Another factor that sets it apart from the first two braces is it is much smaller in size and therefore very portable. With plenty of support on your upper torso to release unbalanced pressure, any discomfort on your neck area will eventually subside and disappear with consistent application.

4) AlignBack Straightener

The AlignBack Straightener is one of the newest models of posture correctors in the market. It was designed to be portable, stylish, and perfect for men and women that are always on the go. The sleek and straightforward design allows it to be tucked under clothes very discreetly while still offering an effective solution to your neck and shoulder problems.  It was developed to firmly press upon your upper back while the elastic straps gradually pull your shoulders out and fix your posture. With repeated use, this handy tool can take away stiffness, throbbing, cramps, and other types of discomfort you may be experiencing around your neck and shoulder area.

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Are you suffering from chronic injuries such as shoulder, neck or lower back pain? If so, a posture corrector may be the answer to your issue! AlignMat stocks the posture correctors in Australia, delivering to every major city and regional area across the country. Our posture correctors come in 4 main styles, designed to fit comfortably, whilst helping to gently pull back the shoulders & realign the spine. This process has multiple benefits in both the short and long term, physically and mentally! Short-term a posture corrector can provide immediate relief from joint and muscle pain, mentally and improves posture provides an instant confidence boost. Feeling more self-confident with better overall self-talk. Long term the realignment of the spine provides better blood flow in the back muscles. This process helps the recovery of muscles and joints, decreasing the chance of injury, whilst also increasing flexibility & motion.

Extremely comfortable to wear and designed for all ages, sizes and sex. A posture corrector Australia can easily be concealed under clothing, making it perfect to wear when driving in the car, working in the office, going for a run or just watching Netflix at home. Wearing a posture brace for just one hour a day can help improve the overall quality of life, decreasing neck pains and aches.