Best Acupressure Mat Positions

Using acupressure mats is recommended by Asian gurus as well as by expert physiotherapists, it literally became an everyday routine to meditate on acupressure mats or even lie on them and let them work their magic. Acupressure mats derived from the acupuncture concept has made lives better and that is why we are here to give you the best tips covering this topic, and today’s hacks will talk about acupressure mat positions.

We like to call our AlignMat Acupressure Mats “personal masseuse” and this is for a very obvious reason, they will do the job of a masseuse with a technology brought to you by physiotherapy researchers. But in order to get 100% of the experience, you first need to know which positions work the best on your acupressure mat?

  • Back position

Acupressure Mat Positions

The simplest, easiest and most popular position of them all would consist of just grabbing your acupressure mat, laying it on the ground or on a sofa (it has to be a plane surface within the area of your back) and then softly lying flat on your mat with your back. You can also enhance this position by bending your knees to allow more pressure on your lower back to help relieve the stress off the lumbar area. Or you can just extend your legs and enjoy a natural back “massage”.

You can use a normal pillow for your head, or you can also choose a higher surface and extend the mat on it so you benefit from a wider area being covered by the mat spikes and therefore better results. You can also lay your head directly on the flat mat but always try to improve the position by choosing the most comfortable pose for your neck.

  • Hips and thighs

The acupressure mat always laid on the floor, you should lay on your side in a way that looks like a side Plank, but don’t worry, you won’t need to put any effort like a real plank, you will lower your hips and thighs until they touch the spikes and then slowly let them rest on the mat.

Following the aforementioned instructions, you will find yourself supporting your body with your forearm (you can put a soft cloth or a pillow under it for a better experience, but it is better not to use the acupressure mat under your forearm) and the extension from your lower back to the thighs and down into the foot will be directly in contact with the spikes of the acupressure mat.

You should switch to the other side after 10 minutes to relax both sides of your body and not overstress your spine.

This position is the most useful for sciatic pain relief.

  • Feet

Acupressure Mat Positions

The acupressure mat is not only useful for the flat surfaces of your body with the largest muscles, but can also be a great benefit to your feet. Standing on your feet is not uncommon in the practice of meditation, and the acupressure mat would add a tasteful tickling to your experience.

For the first feet position sessions, you should consider wearing socks as you are not familiar with the spikes. After a while you will be ready to go barefoot and enjoy the natural connection with the mat. Moreover, you will also be able to perform some stands where you will enjoy the experience even better. You can lift one leg in order to put more pressure on the other one and vice versa.

Physiotherapists believe that nerve endings in the feet are connected to other organs which will allow the whole body to relax.

  • Neck and Shoulders

A common cause of chronic headaches is the muscle stress in the shoulder and area around the neck, these tensile and contraction forces incur a constriction of blood flow to the brain and therefore cause various types of headaches.

This cause can be eliminated by implementing a simple daily routine in your lifestyle: acupressure mat use. A few minutes of acupressure mat time specifically for your neck and shoulders can relieve your body from the strain in the muscles and alleviate your mind from the pain.

For this position, you will need your acupressure mat and a normal pillow or a towel, you have to fold the towel and tuck it under the mat in a way that forms a comfortable fold under your neck and then lie down ensuring the most favourable position for your neck and shoulders for an optimal blood circulation and stress relief.

  • Stomach

The stomach position is the opposite of the back position with the acupressure mat lying flat on a rigid surface so you can get the best pressure applied on the skin of your chest and abdomen.

You can put your arms under your head or you can also use a pillow if it makes it more comfortable. This position will absorb the stress out of your abdominal muscles which will give more relaxation to your stomach mainly and some people mention that it reduces the amount of acid produced by your stomach that eventually leads to better digestion and less contraction of the intestines.

In addition to the various positions stated above, some people like to go the extra mile and discover new ways in which the acupressure mat can be most useful. team collected some of these positions and they include: Face and jaw position which is pretty simple. Just lay a side of your face on the mat and apply some pressure on the jaw and then switch to the other side – Lower back and buttocks position which consists of laying the mat laterally abeam your buttocks and sitting on it whether on the ground with the body extended or even on a chair.

Maybe you too can discover a new position that fits your needs, you can always share your experience with the acupressure mat with us on