Back Stretcher Wholesale

Looking for a Wholesale Back Stretcher Provider? 

Back stretchers are fast becoming the home self-care tools to help alleviate and stop lower back pain! The item is a multiple level device that the user lay on to relive themselves from lower back pain and aches. This device can be utilised by any age, sex at any time, with the sleek and small design a back stretcher can be used in parks, in your room or at the gym. Back stretchers wholesaled from us are called AlignBack Stretchers and are effective in treating herniated discs, degeneration, muscles spams, pinches muscles and tight knots.

back stretcher wholesale

Back stretcher benefits:

  • Improve posture and rounded shoulders 
  • Improve flexibility
  • strength back muscles, decreasing the chance of injury in the future
  • Decrease back and neck pain 
  • Better blood circulation and spine alignment 
  • Add 3 inches of height 

How Do You Use a Back Stretcher?
Wondering how to use a back stretcher? its a very simple process, so no need to stress! The first step is to choose your setting, the back stretcher has 3 settings with each one making the level of lower back stretch more intense, for beginners always start with the first level, once set simply lie on the back stretcher. You will feel your spine realign into its natural position, stay on the back stretcher for 5 minutes daily and within two weeks you will notice a huge difference.  As you progress you can increase the levels

Where to Get Wholesale Back Stretchers in Australia?
If you are looking for high-quality wholesale back stretchers then AlignMat is the team to deal with for all your wholesale distribution needs. AlignMat and the AlignBack Stretcher are apart of a self-care, healing range of products that help individuals heal their bodies and minds. Our goal here at AlignMat is to bring the world closer, we are always searching for companies who share this vision and want to help promote the back stretcher to the Australian market via wholesale.

Back stretchers have become extremely popular within Australia and the demand has never been higher for at home self-care tools. To ensure you can meet the demand ensure you can stock our AlignBack Stretcher & other products in your shopfront or online site.

Our Back Stretchers Sell
Our back stretchers currently sell for $39.99 per unit, but with our wholesale distribution setup, we offer a discount rate when you order wholesale numbers.

10 + units for $19.99 per unit

Please note that despite having multiple colours we can only provide you with the same colour per 10 units. In order to get the full range of colours min orders of 40+ units must be made.

We currently stock the following colours:

  • Black
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Green

If you are interested in wholesale back stretchers in Australian then please reach out via email at and one of our staff members will assist you.