Are Smaller Posture Correctors Better Than Bigger Ones?

Back in the day, there were not as many options for posture correctors as there are now. Modern research and technology has led to the numerous kinds of back braces we see available on the market, all varying in material, size, advantages, and coverage.

There are many factors to consider when choosing one that best fits your needs and preferences. One of the main questions to ask yourself before purchasing one is if it is better to get a smaller (more portable) version or the bigger (yet slightly bulkier) of the bunch? Which one is better? Which one is more effective?

The answer is, it all depends on your main problem area.

Is A Bigger Back Brace More Effective?

Undeniably, bigger back braces have a wider coverage area, which is great for those that have back problems or pain that run from their upper to middle, and down to the lower back.

These types of correctors are more effective if the necessary area to brace is widespread. It offers the user more support and it has a better grasp of the user’s bearing as a whole.

These are recommended for those who have moderate to progressively unhealthy posture.

Top 2 Big Posture Correctors We Recommend:

AlignBack Brace

This option is specifically designed for extra comfort and support. It is made of very breathable and lightweight material, so you should not expect to feel weighed down despite its size.

It comes with highly adjustable straps that also hug your lower back, which greatly takes pressure of the spine. The main advantage it has over other braces is its orthopedic plastic that acts as the extra spinal support.

AlignShoulder Brace

The AlignShoulder Brace is not as lightweight because it is embedded with multiple tourmaline magnets, which happens to be its edge over other options.

Despite its size and mass, it is the most adjustable and easy to use option yet with brackets located both for the arms and lower back straps.

When Should You Choose A Smaller Posture Corrector?

If your back pain or soreness is concentrated only on your upper back, neck, and/ or shoulders area, then a smaller brace may do the trick.

These types of correctors are more recommended for those who have mild to moderately unhealthy posture. It is also perfect for users who are always on the go, frequently traveling, and/ or prefer correctors than can be easily concealed under clothes.

Top 2 Small Posture Correctors We Recommend:

AlignBack Straightener

This is our most compact and portable choice. It is extremely lightweight and will not get in the way of day-to-day activities. It is made of elastic fabric and a padded support area in the middle, but does not come with adjustable buckles.

AlignPosture Brace

This is a great one-size fits all option! It is very lightweight, elastic, and comes with adjustable buckles. Not only is it great for everyday use, you can also wear it to the gym!