Acupressure mat's for Sciatica

Sciatica is a muscular discomfort that goes along the sciatic nerve from the back to the legs and down into the foot. This pain is usually related to natural causes that happen to most of us such as pregnancy, back injury, slipped disc… It can also be caused by Spondylolisthesis and lumbar spinal stenosis but let’s not jump into these details, we are here to help you get rid of it regardless of the causes.

After a thorough research about real life experiences of people who suffered from sciatica and who could win the battle, we found out that acupressure pillow & mats have a huge impact in their routine and some even stated that “it changed their life to the better”. So, do acupressure mats work for sciatica?

Acupressure mat for sciatica

The acupressure mat concept originates from the acupuncture techniques which consist of needles penetrating the skin in specific spots to stimulate the nerves and help the body unload the stress and the fatigue that keeps muscles contracted needlessly. Some people are not so encouraged by the idea of acupuncture that is why the magical acupressure mat can save you valuable time and effort by providing you with almost the same level of relaxation without the hurdle of going to a private physiotherapist and spending a fortune.

How can you use your acupressure mat for sciatica?

It would be bizarre in the beginning, just thinking how this mat of plastic spikes would work for painful sciatica does not make sense. Well, these small plastic spikes will do the job of needles in acupuncture, but they won’t penetrate the skin at all, they just bend as you lie on them. Their ability to absorb the muscle and joint pains by applying a bit of pressure is ecstatic.

Just by lying back on one of our acupressure mats, your body will produce an important amount of endorphin which will immediately help you relax your whole body, you will forget about your sciatic nerve pain and in a few minutes, the mat will start working its magic on the area of sciatica (lower back, hips, thighs and legs) by absorbing the contraction of the muscle and relaxing the region around the sciatic nerve. This therapy will only take 30 minutes after a long day and it would give you a quiet night like never before.

Repeating this practice over a long period will make it routine and will reduce the sciatica you suffer from day by day. By the end of the first week, you will realize that the most obvious symptom of sciatica - which is switching sides and causing upper members to momentarily paralyze - will disappear and the longer the period, results will be even more fulfilling.

Using the acupressure mat is definitely useful for Sciatica and can give magical results but it doesn’t end there. Acupressure physiotherapy heals it all, from sciatica to back pains and even headaches, take a look at our products on and say goodbye to Sciatica and fatigue.