Acupressure Mats: A Natural Remedy For Children with ADHD

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, it happens in children and teens, and can continue well into adulthood. Those with ADHD tend to have hyperactive and extra impulsive behaviors that are considered to be on above average levels.

ADHD in Children

The symptoms of the disorder in children and teenagers are more defined and thoroughly studied compared to those in adults. In children, some symptoms may begin to show as early as the age of three and are usually present in multiple aspects of the child’s life (home, school, etc.)

ADHD cannot be prevented nor cured but by catching it early on, paired with professional help, children can better manage their symptoms as they grow up. It is important to seek good treatment, strategize a custom education plan, and build healthy routines to help with their progress; otherwise they may struggle to adjust to what society considers being the usual pace.

Suggested ADHD Remedies

Multiple approaches to treating ADHD are well known by now, as it is one of the most common disorders. However, research suggests that for children specifically, the most effective remedy is a multimodal approach, which means various methods of treatment simultaneously administered to work together. Some types of treatment that may be beneficial are the following:

Medication acts on the brain chemicals, such as dopamine, which is known to intensify impulsivity. This form of treatment is mainly used to help control hyperactive and rash behavior and eventually improve one’s attention span.

Therapy is the form of treatment that has many subcategories. These include:

  1. Special Education. Because of the different ways children with ADHD process situations, having a specialized structure and routine can greatly help them follow their lessons and not fall too far behind on school activities. This type of therapy is also targeted at parents who can be better educated about the disorder and its management.
  2. Behavior Modification is a type of therapy that helps children with ADHD replace negative behaviors with good ones. It is a basic concept of bad behavior equals consequences and good behavior equals rewards. Good behaviors can be controlling their impulses or sitting still for longer than usual. For this to work, simple and clear rules must be communicated.
  3. Counseling is a type of therapy that involves those living with ADHD regularly speaking with a psychotherapist. They are shown different ways to better handle their emotions, improve their outlook, and see what methods work for them. This is also just as effective for loved ones to better understand their child living with ADHD.

Natural Remedies are various forms of treatments that are much subtler that medication and therapy, and would make great add-ons to the child’s full treatment plan. A few examples would be the following:

  1. Dietary Supplements with Omega 3 have shown to benefit individuals living with ADHD.
  2. Exercising every day helps control impulses of children with ADHD. Studies show that children who regularly participate in sports have an easier time managing their symptoms. It also helps them practice their social skills and focus.
  3. Limiting Screen Time is extra difficult for children living with ADHD. Studies show a correlation between ADHD and long periods of screen time as it greatly impacts their attention levels. They are also at a higher risk of becoming cognitively dependent on the devices.
  4. Minimize distractions and clutter in your environment by organizing your home and child’s room, keep things neat and minimal.
  5. Acupressure is a treatment based on the concept that energy flows through the body’s channels, and if the flow is blocked, the body fails to maintain balance. Applying pressure on specific points across these channels clears the blockage and restores inner and outer harmony.

How Acupressure Affects Symptoms of ADHD?

It is believed that children with ADHD have a chaotic energy flow, which is why they struggle to think clearly and feel calm. Applying pressure to specific meridian points helps balance the chaotic energy and provides the child with a clearer sense of themselves, effectively calming them and controlling their hyperactivity.

Targeting specific pressure points can help aid various ADHD related concerns such as sleep related problems, lack of concentration, lack of appetite, memory loss, and much more.  An easy and convenient way to activated numerous points at a time is through the use of an acupressure mat.

What is the AlignMat Acupressure Mat?

The AlignMat Acupressure Mat contains over 5,000 pressure points. With this many in one surface area, various meridian points can be simultaneously stimulated, allowing the flow of good internal energy to travel through channels faster, and offer benefits at a much quicker pace.

It is recommended to use the mat for at least 10 minutes per day in order to effectively see results.