Acupressure Mat To Help You Sleep Better

Are you having a hard time getting a good night's sleep? If counting sheep gives you a headache, you can try doing this sleeping hack. Lay down on an acupressure mat and experience consistent days of in-depth and dreamy sleep.

Acupressure can induce relaxation by stimulating the sensitive points along your back called meridians. This stimulation will help you achieve deep and melt away, muscle aches, stiffness, pains, and anxieties.

Although the first few minutes of laying on the mat feels uncomfortable, once your body adjusted to the unfamiliar pressure, a relaxing wave will be sent throughout your muscles. Below are some information to help you learn more about acupressure mat.


The acupressure mat is designed to stretch your muscles from your neck to your pelvis. It is about the size of a towel, and one side is studded with small plastic spikes. These spikes play an essential part in activating your nervous system and in stimulating the pressure points of your body to stimulate better and deeper sleep.


Your body will have a hard time falling asleep if you are stressed out. Acupressure mat helps in relieving tension from the muscles all over your body. As your body releases tension and stress, you will feel more zen, your body will loosen up, helping you to fall asleep fast. You can also incorporate deep breathing while lying down to help your body ease into the relaxing sensation.


Once your blood circulation increases, your body will start releasing feel-good hormones called endorphins. Endorphins are a form of natural mood support. So, if you are the type of person who stays awake at night with tons of thoughts in your head, the release of feel-good hormones will do you right.


The meridians located on your spine and shoulders are linked with relaxation and restfulness. The first time that you lay down on an acupressure mat, your nervous system will be stimulated by the spikes on the mat. However, once your body adjusted and realizes that you are safe, you will feel a flood of warmth along your back. A release of muscle tension will follow this.


  • Stimulate your neck meridians: You can place the mat on a rolled-up towel to release some tension on your head and neck. The spikes press into the base of your skull as you lay down. You can do it for 15 minutes while keeping your eyes closed.
  • Meditate while lying down: Meditation rewires your brain. This will make you feel happier and calmer. You can add more to these benefits by using the acupressure mat while listening to relaxing music or Nidra meditation.
  • Experiment with more or less time: You can experiment and pay attention to how long you lay on the mat. Some lay down for just 15 minutes while others extend their session for up to 40 minutes. There is no recommended time you can pay attention to when you start feeling sleepy.
  • Try different sensations: In case the spikes are too much for your liking, you can wear a T-shirt while lying down on the mat. You can also try repositioning the mat closer to your neck or your pelvis area if you feel like your body is not releasing enough tension.