we surveyed 1,122 people who purchased an acupressure mat in 2020

We surveyed 1,122 verified people from our customer base who purchased and used an acupressure mat in 2020, the results will shock you!
acupressure mat survey
Daily use the popular choice for acupressure
The acupressure mat is designed to help emit blocked energy throughout the body. Getting used to acupressure mats may take some time. The mats contain sharp spikes that may be unsettling at first. However, your body would start to adjust as you begin to enjoy the soothing pleasure of the mat 
 For maximum results, acupressure mats should be used 10 to 20 minutes each day. Many acupressure mats adhere to the daily usage of the mat. Our survey report showed that 71.43% of the participants used their acupressure mats daily, while 28.57% used theirs only every week. 
Remedy joint and muscle pain by just lying on a mat 
Joint and muscle pain causes discomfort, soreness, and aches on the body. This pain is caused by an underlying medical condition such as arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, rickets, etc. While there are several treatment options for joint and muscle pain, the use of acupressure mats has proven to be very helpful. 
Our survey report showed that 85.71% of the participants saw a decrease in their joint and muscle pain after using the acupressure mats. Only 15.29% of the group revealed they were undecided if any improvement has occurred. 
Sharp spikes!!! The secret to improving your quality of sleep 
Lack of quality sleep is terrible for our general well being and mental health. Quality sleep is essential for good health and an excellent state of mind. Several factors are responsible for the lack of quality sleep. However, you can combat sleeplessness or lack of quality sleep with the use of acupressure mats. 
Our survey report showed that 88.57% of the participants using acupressure mats experienced a significant improvement in their sleep quality. 5.74% of the group said they had noticed no improvement, while 5.68% were unsure. 
Acupressure mats lead to a mood boost 
Being in a good mood plays a significant role in our daily life engagements and fulfillments.  Several factors, such as our finance, health, diet, weather, social wellbeing, impacts our mood. The use of acupressure mats significantly helps in improving mood. 
In our survey, 55.88% of the people surveyed said that they had noticed an improvement in their overall mood. On the other hand, 32. 59% indicated that they were unsure of any improvement in their mood, while 8.82% said there had been none. 
Get that instant energy fix by lying on spikes. 
The hustles and bustles of daily lives sometimes take their toll on our bodies. Tiredness and fatigue are signs that our bodies need reinvigorating. Acupressure mats help to increase energy levels by stimulating and increasing blood circulation in the body. Our survey showed that 79.69% of people felt as if they had more energy after a 10-minute session with the acupressure mat. Though, 13.09% said they were unsure, while 7.22% said they had not noticed any changes in energy levels.