Acupressure Mat Survey (2 weeks)

We Surveyed 38 People After Regular Acupressure Mat Use For Two Weeks!

This study investigates the effects of acupressure mats on 38 verified participants from the AlignMat customer base who used acupressure mats for 10 minutes a day over a 2-week duration. The study reported the following results:

acupressure mat survey


Can sharp spikes help you relax?

An overwhelming 90.63% of people surveyed indicate that they felt calmer and relaxed after a session with our acupressure mat. Relaxation is one way to reduce stress, soothe the nerves, relieve anxiety, and depression.

The survey's success rate on respondents who use the AlignMat to feel more relaxed and calm is nothing short of impressive. Similarly, 9.37% of people surveyed indicated that they were unsure if our acupressure mat makes them more peaceful or comfortable.

The survey results on several individuals who use our acupressure mat for relaxation clearly show that acupressure mat's are an excellent choice for people who seek solutions for restlessness and anxiety issues.


10 minutes in exchange for lasting pain relief!

Interestingly 86.84% of the people surveyed had noticed a significant decrease in muscle and joint pain after using the AlignMat. The survey report shows that individuals suffering from arthritis and osteoarthritis, and other joint pain forms, which causes swelling, pain, inflammation, and stiffness of the joint, had experienced significant relief after using our AlignMat.

The results were quite outstanding as most of the respondents said they were now able to do things they couldn't do before. Such as:

  • Climbing stairs with ease.
  • Standing upright unaided 
  • Bending down and picking things with ease.

However, 13.62% of the surveyed group reveal they could not tell if there has been any noticeable improvement in their joints after using our an acupressure mat.


Are Acupressure mats the solution to sleepless nights?

The quality of sleep is essential to our general well being. It has a significant impact on our work performance and helps improve mood, decision making, judgment, reflexes, etc.

On the other hand, lack of quality sleep is significantly associated with several diseases ranging from stroke, obesity, heart attack, depression stroke, etc. Our product survey report shows that 89.47% of people surveyed noticed a significant increase in sleep quality after using our acupressure mat.

On the other hand, 5.26% noticed no improvement, while 5.26% of the respondents were unsure of the impact of our acupressure mat on their sleep quality.


Improving your mood is as simple as lying on a mat!

Several people are suffering from mood problems such as depression, anxiety disorder, and bipolar disorder. While exercise and good nutrition are suitable physical treatments for depression problems, the use of mood-enhancing products cannot be overemphasized.

Findings from our recent survey show that 56.76% of people using the AlignMat noticed an improvement in their mood. The report further reveals that 8.11% of the respondents did not see any significant improvement, while 35.14% were unsure if the AlignMat helped enhance their mood.

The survey results show a more than 50% success rate of our acupressure mat in helping individuals with mood problems.