Acupressure Mat For Weight Loss

The AlignMat Acupressure Mat is designed with over 5000 special pressure point spikes that help to trigger natural healing within your body. With just 10 minutes a day on the AlignMat you can relieve muscle soreness and tensions, increase pain threshold whilst decreasing overall body pain, improve blood circulation and restore a natural harmonized flow of energy within your body. It doesn't stop there, the AlignMat helps the body naturally release endorphins, these are often called natures happy pills.

All of this sounds amazing, but can the AlignMat actually help you with weight loss? The short answer is yes! When you use the AlignMat you are triggering certain acupressure points that are associated with weight loss, by stimulating these pressure points you are building up strength for your digestive system as well as controlling your appetite. The AlignMat can also help you reduce stress, which is often connected to overeating! Stress will cause the body to produce extremes amount of steroid hormones called Cortisol, this steroid hormone takes over our body in moments of flight or fight, however, continuous high levels will lead to serious health conditions associated with the immune system, indigestion, blood pressure and obesity.

So acupressure mat for weight loss is a legit thing, let's look at some different pressure points we can trigger with our AlignMat to help with weight loss.

1. Abdomen Point

The first pressure point can be found just below the belly button, about 3 cm. First just lie straight belly down on your AlignMat, when you apply pressure to this belly button region you are enhancing your digestive system, allowing better nutrient absorption.

4. Knee Point

This next pressure point is located below your kneecap, on the side of your outer leg. To trigger this point just lay sideways on your AlignMat for about 2 minutes, whilst doing this your muscle will feel some tingling sensation. Repeat this for 2 minutes each side daily and you will notice a better digestive flow.

5. Elbow Point

This next trigger point focuses on the large intestine, it's activated by stimulating the elbow crease on the inner side of your arms. By placing your elbows down on the AlignMat for 2 minutes a day you are helping the body naturally remove excess moisture and heat from the body! This will improve digestion as well as blood flow.

  • Acupressure mat weight loss isn't the only health benefit you will get out of the AlignMat, you will also notice an overall better feeling of well being, other good feels include.
  • faster natural healing of both mental and physical disturbances and or pain
  • Both the muscles and mind find it easier to calm, often reaching wellness state of mind very easily
  • Increase sexual energy and overall sexual intercourse improvement.
  • Toning of fat to muscle, this is often noticeable across the face region.
  • Blood flow circulation will increase greatly and have multiple health benefits.
  • Often due to consistent use of the AlignMat many people need traditional medicine less and less, this has a positive effect both physically but also financially.

So start stimulating your pressure points with your AlignMat and explore the meridian points and all the benefits they can bring you.