Acupressure mat for fibromyalgia

It has become common practice for anyone with stress or anxiety to deal with these issues in the most natural way. Actually, guru masters always come up with convenient meditation exercises that relieve you from all the daily stress whether emotional or physical.

This stress can be anything from normal headache, migraine, sinusitis and worst of them all, Fibromyalgia.

Acupressure mat for fibromyalgia

It is of essence that you take care of your psychology and get rid of all the tension that makes you uncomfortable during the night or the day.
Acupressure pillow & mats come in to help you with these issues and make your life better. How is that? Well, regarding all the headaches and body spread pains, it is best known to treat them with meditation and especially if you add the acupressure part to your experience, you will optimise the results with a free natural massage at your own home and with minimum effort.


The healing power of acupressure mats regarding headaches
Most of the stress in your body is caused from the tensile stress on your muscles and joints due to prolonged seating and long exhaustive walks. Treating these areas with acupuncture is very efficient but some people don’t like the penetration of needles in the skin, that is why replacing it with an acupressure mat will give you almost the same satisfactory results without the pain or the fear of the process.

The pressure applied by the mat spikes will relieve the tension of the muscles and eliminate the continuous contraction that will result in excessive non needed force putting your head in more pain and stress.

The main advantage of acupressure mats is the simple use at home where you can just lay your mat on the floor and lie down on it peacefully. This will give you another sensation of relief that will make your experience enjoyable as your headaches disappear. 

What is Fibromyalgia?
Fibromyalgia is a medical distress known for chronic pains across your body and it causes symptoms of problems that will worsen your life style. These problems are divided into two types, emotional and includes sleep issues, daytime fatigue, depression, anxiety and headaches and physical that includes digestive issues, pelvic floor dysfunction, widespread pain (feels like it affects muscles rather than joints) and most importantly sensitivity to touch.

To overcome all this discomfort, you should consider including acupressure training in your daily routine so you can adopt a better lifestyle and have calmer night. As for Fibromyalgia, don’t worry about that, it will be gone in a matter of days!

How do acupressure mats help with Fibromyalgia?

Basically, acupressure techniques help with relieving the whole body from additional stress and relax the mind for a very precious time. With this in mind, they should absolutely play a huge role in the treatment of Fibromyalgia.

People suffering from fibromyalgia stated that after using acupressure mats, their situation improved without having the side effects of medicine like fatigue or dizziness.

The tiny plastic spikes of your mat are well distributed to attack specific points of your back and your neck directly relaxing the muscles and giving you the euphoric sensation of getting rid of all the stressful headaches that bother your mind.

How can you use your acupressure mat to get the best results dealing with fibromyalgia?

First of all, you have to look at our collection at Alignmat Australia and pick the perfect mat that will fit your needs. This won’t be hard at all as we have a huge variety that will make each type suitable for as many needs as you wish.
The best exercises to consider if you suffer from Fibromyalgia are the back position, neck and shoulder, lower back, hips and thighs

Back Position
Laying down on the acupressure mat will be a relieving position for 15 minutes. It will give you a free massage that you will most need after a long tiring day.
We advise you to attack as many muscles as you can and try to cover the largest back muscles from the shoulder to the buttocks in order to optimise the results as this brings more relaxation and stress relief.

Neck and shoulder position
Whether on a folded mat or an acupressure pillow, reducing the stress on your neck and shoulders’ muscles will be of great benefit. If you wish to get the best of this experience, try doing it on a partially bent bench with your acupressure laid on it and extending up to the top of your neck.

Once the muscles of this area relax and the blood circulation to the head is improved, your fibromyalgia will disappear and your night will be much calmer.

Lower back, hips and thighs position
This exercise is important as it helps treat numb legs and sciatic nerve pain. It is a common belief that fibromyalgia is related to sciatica and reducing the tension on your sciatic nerve will help a lot.

Start first by sitting on your laid down mat with your buttocks and extend your legs, try to stretch your back while maintaining this position and then turn to the side where you can do a side plank with your hips touching the mat and keep it like that for 5 minutes then turn to the other side.

After this you can also add a few minutes for the front of your thighs for a complete session of pain reduction and also a less stressful muscle recovery following a long day of energy draining activities or just a quick workout.
Pain points of Fibromyalgia

The back of the neck
This point is most important for diagnosing fibromyalgia as it is where the base of the skull and the neck muscles meet. Applying pressure over this point will instantly relieve the pain.

The elbows and knees (joints)
Feeling tenderness on the forearm is common among fibromyalgia patients. Getting rid of this distress and especially stopping it from affecting other organs from dysfunction is essential.

Knees also carry a huge load during the day and are responsible for securing the articulation of the legs and hence walking. That’s what makes them more vulnerable to pain.

• Hips, lower back and thighs
As discussed, triggering the muscles of the buttocks will bring relief to the whole body as the largest muscles are found in these body parts: gluteus maximus, hamstrings and quadriceps.

Treating Fibromyalgia will depend on how much time you allow for your hips and buttocks to relax on the acupressure mat. Including them in your routine will be effortless but absolutely beneficial.

Final thoughts on Acupressure mats and Fibromyalgia
As a new starter in the discipline of acupressure training, you should not consider it as the only natural alternative to treat fibromyalgia. Try taking some breaks and take caution when using the acupressure mat for the first time. When finally accustomed to the practice, try to use it for longer times and a greater variety of exercises.

Whether it is a simple headache that may evolve into fibromyalgia or any psychological distress that will cause your body to ache and reduce the quality of your life, dealing with it in the most natural way possible is crucial to enjoying a better end of a day and getting deeper sleep. Don’t forget to take a look at our collection on Alignmat of acupressure mats and pillows that will accompany you throughout your journey.