5 Best Posture Correctors

With so many different posture braces out in the market, we decided it was only right that we go through our 5 best posture correctors! We will explore 5 unique braces and devices, which although all different, provide amazing long & short term results in regards to posture.


AlignShoulder Brace

The AlignShoulder Brace is larger and a bit thicker than other shoulder braces on the market. For this reason, the Shoulder brace isn't as easy to hide, making it less discreet. However, there are many added benefits to this brace due to the size! Extra support, durable materials and padded foam shoulders to ensure the straps don't dig into your skin. If your someone who spends hours slouched in front of a computer then this Shoulder brace can be extremely beneficial in improving your posture and quality of life.

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AlignPosture Brace

The AlignPosture Brace is known as the universal posture brace and is commonly utilised. This adjustable brace helps people of all ages and sizes combat slouching and hunching, helping to improve a number of physical and psychological issues. The design is simple, made from breathable latex-free materials ensuring you always feel comfortable. The AlignPosutre Brace is extremely easy to hide under clothing, making it an instant posture and confidence booster at social events and or business meetings! We recommend wearing your posture brace for 20 minutes a day and build that time up gradually, in a matter of months you will have perfect natural posture.

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AlignBack Brace

The AlignBack Brace is truly something from the future, much like traditional back braces it helps to improve posture, confidence, slouching and hunching! However, the AlignBack Brace helps take even more pressure on key areas such as the neck, back and shoulders, all while looking stylish and easy to conceal. This product is designed based on roman armour which helped the soldiers achieve a perfect posture, today, it helps men and women of all ages achieve the same.

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AlignBack Straightener

Small and sleek, the AlingBack Straightener was designed with a minimalistic approach. It is this design that allowed the straightener to be concealed with ease, whilst still helping to improve posture in both the short and long term. AlignBack Straightener has been utilised by people around the world, using a simple shoulder loop strap, the corrector pulls your shoulder back and chests out. Perfect for the office, gym, bar or at home, the Alignback Straightner will help you achieve better posture and decrease the physical effects associated with slouching.

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Back Stretcher

The AlignBack stretcher is equipped with 3 different levels allowing you to stretch out your back and spine whilst lying on the ground. This device helps to stretch and lengthen the spine, improve muscle flexibility in the lower back, posture correction and improvement and prevent issues such as bulging disk from occurring. Besides these long-term benefits, the AlignBack Stretcher provides immediate relief for those suffering from backaches and pain, as well as mental benefits such as a decrease in stress and anxiety. Boosted blood flow and circulation also occurs throughout the spine on the back stretcher, this has a number of health benefits

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