3 Best Posture Correctors For Shoulder Pain

The shoulder has an extensive range of motion and is utilized in a bulk of activities we attend to throughout our day. Because of this, pain and discomfort around the area can be very limiting and irritating. Aches and soreness on our shoulders can be caused by multiple factors, including a recent strain or injury, pinched nerves, or one of the most common reasons: bad posture.

In extreme cases wherein you experience tenderness around your shoulder joint, have trouble breathing, fever, or other severe ailments; it is best to consult your physician regarding your shoulder pain and assess the best treatment. However, if the pain is minor and only adds slight inconvenience, perhaps all you need is a good posture corrector to fix it right up. Which one is best?

1) AlignShoulder Brace

The AlignShoulder Brace is the most suitable option for dealing with shoulder pain as it was designed specifically for this concern. It is by far the most advanced posture corrector in Australia and can also help with neck and back pain. It is embedded with 11 tourmaline magnets that are spaced out along your spinal column and scientifically stimulates blood flow all throughout stiff areas to relieve you of any discomfort.

This brace is built with elastic and adjustable straps that wrap over your shoulders to gently pull them back and realign them with the rest of your vertebral column. The straps then encircle your upper, middle, and lower back to supply full coverage and added support. With regular use, the tightness and aches on your shoulders will eventually ease up.

2) AlignBack Brace

What makes the AlignBack Brace a great alternative is that it is equipped with a memory spinal support made of orthopedic plastic to provide your backbone with extra reinforcement. It is built with both comfort and efficiency in mind as it gradually applies pressure and retains the alignment of your spine.

Its straps are made of lightweight and breathable material to properly secure the brace over your shoulders and around the middle of your torso without any inconvenience. This in turn provides excellent support to your entire upper back and helps ease tension all the way up to your shoulders.

3) AlignPosture Brace

Sometimes, just stretching our upper torso and holding a healthy position for long periods of time can remedy the pain we experience on our shoulders. The AlignPosture Brace is a compact and versatile option that is perfectly designed to discreetly keep your shoulders from slouching. It is one of the most used posture correctors in the world because it is a one size fits all model, constructed to fit both men and women of various builds. Made with extremely flexible neoprene material and complemented with light, durable brackets, you can adjust the brace to your preferred comfort level with ease and satisfaction. These straps are also equipped with high quality, plush pads that prevent friction and discomfort under your arms.

The brace stretches across your upper back and over your shoulders, gently pulling them to hold your torso in position and contribute to a healthy posture. Its compact size also makes it very portable and perfect for people always on the go. With consistent use, the brace is guaranteed to relieve unbalanced pressure on your shoulders and make you feel as good as new.

Bonus: AlignBack Straightener

The AlignBack Straightener is a new model that was intended to focus on portability apart from efficiency. It is almost unnoticeable under your clothes and can effectively relieve shoulder pain through gentle pressure and constant application.


Do you have chronic neck, back and shoulder pain? If so, a posture brace can help to relieve your pain and improve your quality of life! AlignMat delivers posture correctors in Australia, from Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, to Perth on the west coast. All AlignMat posture correctors are designed to fit comfortably and place little restriction on the range of movement. Posture correctors will help to gently pull back your shoulders, push your chest out and keep your chin raised. This process naturally realigns the spine and helps stimulate blood flow throughout the back muscles. It is this extra blood flow that allows muscles and surrounding joints to heal faster, as well as reduce any pain that may be currently causing discomfort.

All posture correctors have both short and long term positive results, helping to relieve pain straight away and give you better posture. Long term you can expect to see good posture become naturally part of your stance.

Designed to be comfortable, AlignMat posture correctors can be worn by adults of any sex, size or age. Easily concealed under clothing, a posture corrector can be worn when in the office, working out in the gym, studying at university, driving the car or at home chilling on the couch! Just one hour a day with a posture brace can produce amazing results both physically and mentally.