We stocks the best acupressure mats & posture correctors in Australia! Our acupressure mats will help you feel amazing.

In just a few weeks you will notice significant improvements, with many added benefits such as:

Improve spine alignment

Better sleep

Natural back & neck pain relief

Boost confidence

Better mental focus

Less than 20 minutes a day

And much more!

Just 10 minutes a day with one of our AlignMats can significantly help improve your mental and physical health .

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How Does the AlignMat Acupressure Mat Work?

Our body has thousands of tiny pressure points known as ‘meridian’ points. The AlignMat Australia is an acupressure mat that applies pressure from thin needles to trigger these meridian points and promote the flow of energy.

Why Our Acupressure Mats?

Designed to last.

Ethically sourced materials.

Community conscious, donating back to local community.

Australian owned and operated.

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acupressure mat
acupressure mat

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How to Use the AlignMat Acupressure Mat Australia

Discover how to use an acupressure mat to help combate pain in the feet, neck, shoulders, back and hamstrings! 


Feet take a lot of pressure.

To get relief from foot pain, lay the acupressure mat on the floor and stand on it.

You can wear socks until your feet are used to the spikes.

This helps with sore feet. Many people with flat feet say acupressure mats made their pain better.

A short time on the massage mat is a great way to ease sore feet after a long day.

Use for 5+ Minutes.

Neck & Shoulders

80% of headaches come from neck pain (muscle strain) due to poor posture. For instance, sitting on an office chair too long.

Headaches can also be due to low blood flow from muscular stress in that area.

Do you want to relieve that stress and enjoy a quiet night without headaches? The thousand of pressure points on an acupressure mat can help with migrains.

As a complementary medicine, the mat stimulates nerve endings. This helps the brain release dopamine for longer. You get relief and your muscles relax for better blood flow.

Use for 10+ Minutes.


Tight, strained back muscles can cause problems if left alone. People who sit for a long time can have poor posture. Their backs get more tension and stress.

Get rid of the pain by using acupressure mats from home, at your own pace.

Just lay down on the massage mat on the ground so it covers your entire back.

Using it before bedtime is a great way to prepare for deep, restful sleep.

Use for 15+ Minutes.

10 minutes on the AlignMat will change your life!!


Acupressure Mat


All acupressure mats are made with high quality eco-friendly materials. Each mat has a removable natural coconut fibre cushion with over 5,000 lotus-shaped pressure points.



Please consult your doctor for medical advice prior to use if you are pregnant. We suggest you do not use the mat while pregnant. Certain acupressure points can induce labour.



Kids can use acupressure mats to help relax and sleep better. We suggest they wear shirts or socks the first time until used to the feeling. Numerous studies have also shown that acupressure mats can help kids with ADHD to calm down and relaxe. 



No! You can have great experience and get pain relief using acupressure mats despite your weight.



  • Fill up a bath (or basin) with warm water and laundry soap/dish wash for a slight bubble.
  • Undo the velcro clasp at the top of the mats lining. Remove the two foam pieces of the mat.
  • Place them in the water and lightly clean.
  • Hang out to dry naturally (do not put in the dryer).
  • Once dry, put the foam base back in the sleeve. Don’t touch the points! Avoid rolling the foam to get the bottom of your mat cover over the top.
  • Fold the foam in half and grab the corners of the mat. Shake gently until it is back in the mat material and close velcro strips at the top.
  • Wash at least once a month if using regularly.
  • Daily or weekly cleaning can lead to damage.

For a light clean, use a brand new toothbrush and gently rub against the pressure points. Don't use too much force to avoid damage to pressure points.



Your acupressure mat can take a little time to get used to. The lotus-shaped pressure points may cause some discomfort at first. This should only last only a few minutes. After that, the body starts to enter a relaxed, warm state.

If you have sensitive skin, we suggest wearing a shirt the first few times you use your acupressure mat.

Try 10 minutes on the acupressure mat daily to start. As you become more used to the mat and pillow you can spend hours on it! You can even fall asleep on your acupressure mat.



You can use your acupressure mat on any semi-flat comfortable surface, such as your bed. When starting, we suggest you use a softer texture like your bed. Your bedroom floor, car seat or office chair all work wonders for your neck and back pain. In fact acupressure mats can help you sleep and get a better, more deeper form of rem sleep. 



Getting the full benefits in the quickest time frame from your acupressure mats will depend on the body part you want to use it for, and how often you use it.

For this reason, we have all the facts you need to know about acupressure mat use for a variety of body parts.

The list below will guide you through your journey and bring you great results & benefits.


Chest and Abdomen

This pose should be part of your daily routine. Chest pain relief will make your day, and life even better! Opposite to the back position, switch sides right after lying on your back on the acupressure mat.

The spikes should be in contact with the whole area of your chest and abdomen. You will enjoy a quick relief on the muscles and the inner organs will have more space. This makes inhaling, exhaling and food digestion easier and more relaxed, as well as helping to stop hiccupps.

This can be useful if you have any stomach pains (such as acid reflux) - it never hurts to try! A brief period of rest on your chest and abdomen on the acupressure mat will put you in ease and make most of your stress go away.

Use for 15+ Minutes.

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